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Custom Black and White Gaming PC in BROADWAY NEDLANDS, Western Australia for sale

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I'm a PC builder and I build PC's for fun. This build is based on a black and white colour aethstetic. It is powerful as you can see by the benchmark results aswell.
I ran a stress test of the CPU and GPU simultaneously for 16 hours with the CPU maxing out a 70 degrees celsius (Running at 4.4 GHz).
The parts are:
Intel i7 6700K Clocked at 4.4 GHz, with an all in one liquid cooler.
32 GB of DDR4 Geil Luce Memory (4, 8GB sticks)
nVidia GTX 1070 8GB EVGA Superclock Graphics card.
MSI Krait Z170 Gaming Motherboard x3 Edition
2x240 GB Kingston HyperX SSD (set up in raid 0 giving read/write speeds of 930 mb/s and 640 mb/s respectivley).
1TB Western Digital HDD
Corsair RM650x PSU (has enough power to power a 2nd GTX 1070).
There is a white LED strip with on/off and brightness controls.
There is custom white and black power cableing.
Comes with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit installed.
The case is the Jonsbo UMX4 with a magnesium/aluminium alloy body and two full side tempered glass pannels.